Feminine by Choice

The importance of feminine beauty has been slowly stolen from our culture by the rise of feminism. Women are pushed to be more masculine and to dominate. As a Christian woman and wife, I think that this is terribly sad. A movement started with good intentions turned into masking what God has given us. Men and women were created differently and with different roles (a great book on this is “Girl Defined”.)

Godly men are described as the leaders, protectors, and providers of their families and homes. Women are contrastingly shown as the nurturers, beautifiers, and creators. God created each one of us uniquely and that is so beautiful. But so many of us follow the society’s lean towards masculinity and conformity and we forget our design.

The truth is that in our culture femininity is a choice and often one with backlash. Being feminine doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a Disney princess and be dolled up every day (I actually very rarely wear makeup!). But it does mean that you grasp and embrace your God given femininity.

Being feminine is often not something that just happens in our culture today. It is something that takes practice and a strong will. Depending on the woman, femininity can take many shapes and sizes. For me, as a homemaker and wife, I love to find my femininity in the way I dress, the time that I spend cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, decorating, painting, and other such things. When my husband gets home from work, I want Him to be comfortable and able to relax and have fun with me, not worrying about the dishes and home repairs. I love creating a home and place where good conversations can happen. I love hosting people in our home and inviting people to enjoy it with us (even as we currently live in a one room apartment LOL).

As a homemaker, this means learning how to do new things and mastering them. I am still learning how to cut my husbands hair (7th times the charm y’all), but I enjoy getting to serve Him in that way.

One thing I think is important to remember is that when I serve my husband, family, and others, I am more importantly, serving my God. I work for Him, and not the approval of man. Femininity is something that I am still discovering and working on. Being soft spoken, having an heir of mystery, dressing as feminine as I wish, learning to cook and bake and just being unashamedly myself.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think,

have a beautiful day ❤


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