An Inspired Morning (Up Early & Productive)

Light slowly seeps into the darkness, overwhelming it with bright luminescent rays. The soft quiet turns to a noisy chirping in the trees above. Colors of every kind leak across the sky causing a smile within my soul. 

Oh what we miss when we sleep through all of this. To watch the Lord’s universe come alive and wake up to the newness of a dawn. 

As I have been in college this past semester I have made it a goal of mine to be getting up earlier. For me, that looks like 5:30-6:00 am.

The reason I began doing this came in the form of deep anxiety and disturbing thoughts. I needed to begin my day with the Lord by my side and in my mind. Waking up earlier was my way of doing so. 

I realize that carving out time for the Lord looks different for everyone, I take a nap in the afternoons when necessary to make up for any lost sleep. Being awake in the morning has become the very thing that I look forward to most in a day. It’s worth it.

I choose to be intentional by getting up at this time. Now here is where we could get all into time management, but that is another topic for another time. Just remember your time is important. Okay? Okay.

What I have learned is that the sacrifice of sleep (or anything really) can reap so much more benefit. 

Starting off the day with the Lord.

If nothing else, remember this: there is something so special about fresh beginnings with the Lord. Each morning we have an opportunity to start with what truly matters most to us and to focus on the Lord. To worship, adore, and glorify Him with our time, words, and hearts.

This is where purpose in our lives comes from, knowing the Lord, glorifying Him, and living to make Him known. All of your service to the Lord is purposeless when it is not matched with a personal relationship with Him, and that starts with a quiet heart before Him. 

Alone in the quiet.

In this time of day, where the creatures are just starting to move about, people are rarely seen. I love the fact that I can find a quiet place within my home or school (safely of course) and think. This is a time where I’ve found that there are limited distractions (people, phones, music, etc.). It is what you make it to be. 

In Genesis19:27 we see Abraham rise early in order to meet with the Lord. In Mark 1:35 Jesus gets up early, finds a place to be alone, and devotes himself to communicating with His father. Psalm 5:3 exhorts us to get up early to pray and listen to the Lord. 

When I first began this adventure I slowly started getting up earlier, bumping it back by half an hour every week. This intentional alone time with the Lord just became so beautiful and beneficial to me. I truly do look forward to this part of my day more than anything else. I was challenged to do this and now I pass the challenge on to you. 

Wake up early enough before the first thing you have in the morning, in order to spend special time alone with the Lord. In the end, all that matters is what we do for the Lord. Will you honor Him with your time, focus, and mornings? 


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