How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Girl (Content and Flourishing)

Oh my lanta girls, I wish I would have taken this more seriously. But also, this isn’t just about preparing for marriage, it is about preparing and living life to its fullest! It is about flourishing and being bountiful. If we are constantly looking forward to the next season in our lives, we will never be able to enjoy the one that we are currently in! I deeply wish that I would have chosen to be more content in my season of singleness and just taken advantage of the time to serve others, foster deep relationships, and learn skills.

The deepest joy in my life is when I share the love of Jesus with others in showing hospitality and growing meaningful friendships. Investing in people is what our lives as believers should look like. We should be marked by our deep attention to the needs and spiritual conditions of others. This servants heart does not “just happen”. Foster it with intense devotion.

  1. Invest in your Jesus time. You are the same sinner in your season of singleness as you are when you get married. Believe it or not, there is no miraculous change. You don’t wake up on your honeymoon as the perfect wife who is completely content and happy. You have to foster your joy, contentment and relationships in all seasons! You know the areas where you are weak and need to grow. Take consistent time to identify where you are weak and need to grow, pray about it, read about it in the Bible and other Christian books. Focus on relationship over perfection.
  2. Teach yourself / find mentors. Always keep learning! Learn how to cook, clean, decorate, be hospitable, sew, and do anything that you like! Skills are always so useful and beneficial to your family. There are so many skills I wish I had invested in learning prior to marriage.
  3. Read relationship books. I read a lot of books about dating, marriage, and sexuality. Some of these are “Girl Defined“, “Passion and Purity“, “You and Me Forever” and “When God writes your love story“. These were all AMAZING and I highly recommend! I personally feel that these helped me grow in knowledge and wisdom, while curbing my expectations.
  4. If you have siblings or roommates, invest in their lives and learn to get along with them. The way that you treat them (in a way), is how you are going to treat your future roommate (spouse 😉 ). Do you find ways to serve them and love them? Do you have deep conversations with them? Do you choose peace over an argument? In the inevitable case of an argument, do you desire to have it resolved or are you arguing to get your point across? Listening is the beginning to resolution and a more accurate method of communication.
  5. Learn to steward your money well in this season. Entering marriage with some money and knowing how to thoughtfully spend and save can be such a blessing. I believe that these are really beneficial things to know. So many marriages come to the breaking point simply over finances. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University as it helps in getting started with money management and getting out of debt. Money can be a blessing and a curse, but it all depends on how you use it. Learning how to tithe and give is also a habit that can be nurtured now rather than later. Having some money can also help you to feel more comfortable starting your family when you are ready instead of putting it off simply for financial reasons. The disclaimer here is that yes you can get married with little to no money and make it. It is possible! My husband and I are living on a very tight budget but it works and we are so happy that we got married. We could tell countless stories of how God provides and works in our weaknesses. Even if you  only have a little, you can trust that God will provide for your needs.
  6. Serve in your Church! This is an essential part of the Christian life. Being a part of the active, living, and breathing body of Christ is so life enriching. Serving God comes down to loving Him enough to do whatever He asks. Our fulfillment is found in serving Christ humbly, and serving in ways unseen by others is great for breeding humility. These are character qualities that you want to see grow in yourself as you pursue Christ. Aside from that, serving in church is a great way to encourage community. There are potentially great friendships just waiting for you, so get out there and meet other like-minded believers! God didn’t create service as a means of begrudging assistance but rather a meaningful and fulfilling way of loving Him and others well.

(Anddddd you might meet your husband this way . . . just saying’.)

There are so many ideas and ways that you can prepare, so this is a very minimal list. Reading through proverbs continually, memorizing scripture, having a consistent quiet time, and starting a small group Bible study are all great ideas as well!

Leave your ideas in the comments section below and share this article with your other single friends 🙂 Make these goals together and keep each other accountable! Maybe learn a new skill together.

Have a beautiful day my friends! ❤


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3 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Girl (Content and Flourishing)

  1. Kyla Hardee

    Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom! I am currently sixteen and not in a relationship, but I really desire to get married in the future. This can cause some discontentment in my life, so I truly appreciate this post! These are such great tips that I will put into practice! Thank you!!

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