the wait for the one (4 great books!)

We all have that longing within us and the hope that we will find the right one. We try to trust God with the future but we get antsy, we start to flirt or becoming close to people we know arn’t in Gods plan for us.  Continue reading “the wait for the one (4 great books!)”


My Love Letter to Books

My dear lover,

You have kept me company many a night. My loneliest times you have shown up right on time. You have taken my boredom and given me colorful excursions. You have given me all I could ever want in life. I love being with you, there is nowhere I would rather be. You have power over my soul. You can make me laugh like no one else. You can also make me cry like no one else. Continue reading “My Love Letter to Books”

Loving Jesus Looks Like Something

An amazing post by an amazing person. What does loving and living for Jesus really look like?

searching for the something

I might as well come right out and say it: I love Jesus. I really do. And my Facebook profile used to prove it.

When Facebook first became available to the general public, I was in high school and eagerly embraced the opportunity to jump on the relatively new social media bandwagon. I was also eager to use this particular platform, which allows users to designate their “religious views” on their profile pages, to let my friends know how serious I was about my faith. Although my understanding of what constitutes effective evangelism may have been a bit lacking at the time, I was nothing short of genuine in my desire to clearly (and, perhaps more importantly, coolly) express my Christian discipleship.

I couldn’t just write “Christian” in that little blank field; that seemed far too generic, and I knew lots of people consider themselves Christians but don’t have a real relationship with…

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