How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Girl (Content and Flourishing)

Oh my lanta girls, I wish I would have taken this more seriously. But also, this isn’t just about preparing for marriage, it is about preparing and living life to its fullest! It is about flourishing and being bountiful. If we are constantly looking forward to the next season in our lives, we will never be able to enjoy the one that we are currently in! I deeply wish that I would have chosen to be more content in my season of singleness and just taken advantage of the time to serve others, foster deep relationships, and learn skills. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Girl (Content and Flourishing)”

Conflict resolution in relationships

Heated words flew back and forth in the air, tears welling in their eyes. Hateful comments and a lack of compassion on either end. Neither cared about each others feelings or what they were saying. Words were just daggers finding their target in the components heart. They wanted to be heard but wouldn’t hear the other. She storms out of the room. He stands there shaking.

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