the need for love

I longingly glance out the window as a tear gently lingers on my cheak.

How will I survive this curse? Yes I said curse. The curse of singleness. I just want someone who will hold my hand and tell me that everything will be okay. That need for approval stings in my heart as I close my eyes.

How many of us feel this way        *** r a i s e s   h a n d ***

Being wanted and wanting to be loved is a beautiful God given feeling. People like to dash feelings, but they are gift from God when used properly. God wants us to run to him in this! Let us be alone with him! He wants us to run to him. To long for him!

He wants us to be his bride.

The relationship we hae with God becomes real and intimate in the wildreness of lonliness.

I have seen God prove this to me time and time again.

I dont know about you, but I love to doubt God. I love to turn from his grace and love and run to people to fulfill these. and they never do. NEVER.

we all wish for love. we all wish to be wanted.

we long for this in every moment.

Let us run to God the most in these moments. The things of the world will never satisfy your need to be wanted. ONLY God. Why dont you give him a chance?

Feel free to email me and chat. I would love to hear your story.

Have a beautiful day and remember that you are truly so very loved.

Emma ❤


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