My Top 5 Favorite Recipes (Laundry, Cooking, Essential Oils)

These are some of my favorite and completely random recipes! I cherish the opportunities I have to be a homemaker and create community through these recipes. These recipes truly do enrich my life. My mom taught me most of these so all credit goes to her. She made my childhood amazing by having us do chores and always pushing us to learn how to make things when we could. Continue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Recipes (Laundry, Cooking, Essential Oils)”


How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Girl (Content and Flourishing)

Oh my lanta girls, I wish I would have taken this more seriously. But also, this isn’t just about preparing for marriage, it is about preparing and living life to its fullest! It is about flourishing and being bountiful. If we are constantly looking forward to the next season in our lives, we will never be able to enjoy the one that we are currently in! I deeply wish that I would have chosen to be more content in my season of singleness and just taken advantage of the time to serve others, foster deep relationships, and learn skills. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Marriage as a Single Girl (Content and Flourishing)”

An Inspired Morning (Up Early & Productive)

Light slowly seeps into the darkness, overwhelming it with bright luminescent rays. The soft quiet turns to a noisy chirping in the trees above. Colors of every kind leak across the sky causing a smile within my soul. 

Oh what we miss when we sleep through all of this. To watch the Lord’s universe come alive and wake up to the newness of a dawn. 
Continue reading “An Inspired Morning (Up Early & Productive)”

5 Ways to Sacrificially Serve Your Husband

To preface this list, I just want to go ahead and say that you are not a bad wife if you do not do these things, and not all wives can do all these things! These are some things that I have found to be a great avenue of loving my husband sacrificially. I want to make His life more full, Christ centered, and love filled. I want the best for Him! And no, these things do not happen everyday, but they are my goals! Continue reading “5 Ways to Sacrificially Serve Your Husband”