What is Reality? (Christian Perspective)

In my philosophy class, we have recently been discussing what reality is. My professor has made the point that reality is subjective and therefore fragmented. People all look at the world in different ways. So then what is reality? What is the realist thing you know?

For the class, I have to write a dialogue between two characters. One is a Christian and believes that reality is different for every person, but God is still at the core of everyone’s reality.

The other person believes that whatever can be sensed by all 5 senses is what is truly real. That way it doesn’t matter if someone is blind or deaf, they can still sense the reality. So mother earth is that person’s idea of reality.

Today I am only going to discuss the Christians point of view.  Meet Aletheia. She believes that God created everything and that nature proves that along with documentation within the Bible.

Since God was the first “real” thing then He is technically the definition of real. And if nothing else could have existed without His reality then He is the first real thing. But He is also the reality every other reality comes from. So even if reality is subjective and therefore fragmented, the God is still at the core of everyone’s reality. Without God, reality ceases to exist.

Say you are out in space, looking at the world. If one person is on one side of the earth, and another person is on the other side of the earth, those people will be seeing two different things, so their perspective of the world is different, but the same thing is still at the core. And that is God.

Now do not get me wrong here. There is only one way to God and one way to have Salvation and that is through Jesus Christ. But your life experiences shape who you are and how you view life.

Well, this was more philosophical than my normal posts. Let me know what you think. I hope that this was thought provoking!

Have a beautiful day! ❤



4 thoughts on “What is Reality? (Christian Perspective)

  1. soulfood101blog

    🙂 I feel they both believe in God. Now, I know that’s not what the paper is about, but…. The 5 senses and all that they feel, sense, etc, and everything that is felt and sensed by them are all creations of and by God. The senses as well as what they sense. 🙂 I feel this paper would be hard to write, and glad it is you doing it and not me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Allen R. Kive

    Great post! “Since God was the first “real” thing then He is technically the definition of real.” I love what you said here. I think I had to read paragraph five more than once, though! 😄 It makes me glad I don’t have to take a philosophy class! 😁


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