3 Ways to De-Stress Finals Week

Oh, my goodness it’s here again! The dreaded week where we study all day and all night. We take tests with our eyes wide open by the snap of the caffeine in the coffee. Our hands shake with nervousness as we realize the weight of the tests we are taking. Although they are probably not as weighty as we make them out to be 😉

Life is crazy enough all on its own. Add finals week onto it and I’m a pretty pathetic case! To be honest, this week has been one of the toughest weeks of my life. Although I must admit at my college they have a day where they have puppies come in the middle of the week to help people de-stress. As much as I want to say  “Wow. We are too comfortable and spoiled” They can count me in!

Anyways, onto dealing with it:

  1. Of course, you must cuddle with a fuzzy puppy! Or take a hot bath, or color in a coloring book or basically anything you love to do. You need to make the small steps in order to take care of yourself and your mental health.

Okay, but all kidding and fun aside haha!

2.  Plan out your studying time. Make specific time segments for specific subjects. To do lists are your very best friend during finals week.

3. Make a calendar of the week before finals and finals week. Keep track of your classes, what assignments you need to get done, and when your final tests are.

These few tips will help keep you to keep organized and concentrated. If followed, they will not squash your stress, but they will certainly help. Also, make sure you pray about your tests, your future, and your life. Remember that God is in control and HIS will, will be done.

Have a beautiful day! xoxo ❤ ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “3 Ways to De-Stress Finals Week

  1. Allen R. Kive

    Great tips! too do lists definitely help keep me on track. I’ve been super busy too the past couple weeks. I literally have over a hundred unread blog posts I’m starting to catch up on. 😂 Luckily, I had some of my classes end early so my finals aren’t all at once. Just one final left, and a final English paper 😁.

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