The Nature of Nesting

I believe that we have been beautifully created by a thoughtful God. A God who had a vision of a thriving creation dependent on Him. The first institution that God created was marriage. He knew that man was not meant to be alone and that woman filled that need in a physical and emotional way. We are helpers.

As women, whether we are married or not, we love to bring beauty and a warm spirit to our surroundings. When people come into our home, we love to welcome them with open arms and tender hearts. We love the candles to be lit and the conversation enlivening. Our homes are a place where life happens and people are nourished. We want people to leave our homes feeling satisfied.

We have a beautiful, nurturing, comforting spirit. We love to nurture and beautify our nest. Your nest is wherever you live, your space. You are involved and invested in this place. Of course not every woman has that fashionista decorating skill, but we still have this longing to make a place into a nest and a home. We want to nurture them.

We must remember however, that our nesting isn’t about making our home Instagram worthy or trendy. It is about making your space warm and inviting in your own way. It is not about breaking the bank over this or over-consuming as our culture loves to do.

Invite people into this space. It isn’t the space that makes it a home, but the people. The friendships you keep, the children you raise, the people you disciple. They are all so important. This all takes discipline and care. It takes keeping your space clean, organized, warm, and inviting.

I want my home to exude peace. I long for my home to be a place of nurtured souls. I do this by making my house a home. My branch, a nest.

Have a beautiful day ❤

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