at any cost ~ for the weary

At any cost.     Christ called the lost.   We are now called to do the same. 

How will you respond?    What are we willing to give up in order to follow Christ?   Your shopping addiction, drugs, smoking? Your boyfriend, your cursing? Your life?

A missionary and Martyr Betty Scott Stam once prayed a powerful prayer that still touches my soul today,

” Lord, I give thee my plans and purposes, all my desires, hopes and ambitions, and I accept thy will for my life. I give up myself, my life, my all, utterly to thee, to be thine forever. I hand ober to thy keeping all of my friendships. All the peoplewhom I love are to take second place in my heart. Fill me now and seal me with Thy spirit. Work out thy whole will in my life at any cost, for me to live is Christ. Amen “.

God has sacreficed his all and his life in order to come and restore mankind’s covenant and relationship with himself. He sent Jesus to run after us and show us the way. He was completely selfless and perfect. He loves exactly as we are: the dirtiness and grime. He loves you.

The love of God is absolutely unexplaineable and reckless. He is in fact such a loving God that instead of making us robots, He lets us choose whether or not we will follow Him. Absolute wonder. His glory is so powerful.

I am not ashamed of the gospel and I want to be like Martin Luther in that He was unwilling to settle for anything less than truth. We are called now to trust God, commune with Him in a beautiful relationship, and wait for Him to move as only He has the power to do.

Think about your unsaved friends and family. Do you really hate them enough to not tell them? Through our words and our tongue we can either speak life or death into someone. And by not telling them about Jesus we are speaking death. That brings tears to my eyes. How can we possibly be such heartless fools?  Pray with me.

My dear God and savior,

You are so good to us. Your mercy is relentless and you never give up on us, thank you. Help us to be speaking truth into the poeple around us with love. Help us to love them in a pure and holy way. Through you and you alone God is this even possible. Draw us closer and closer to your heart. We want to be following you. Help us to be willing to give all, inludidng our lives, for you and for the sake of your gospel.  Help us to trust you in our lives and stop jumping ahead of you. Help us to be unashamed of the gospel. You and your love astound me God. Help us to see you in every situation in our lives. Thank you God for the lives you have given us. I pray for anyone reading this that they would draw near to you and be encouraged by your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Have a beautiful day xoxo ❤



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